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NEWS RELEASE: Motherhood Matters

The agreement between the publisher and author for Motherhood Matters was signed  in January of 2011 on the  Memorial of  St. Francis de Sales. The book was released in September 2011 on the Feast of Sts. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

A newly released book, 

     Written by Dorothy Pilarski, author, 
     guest columnist with the Catholic Register, 
     blogger of Gutsy Catholic Mom and television
     personality who appears in
     Mothering, Full of Grace produced by
     Salt and Light Media has just been
    published by the Canadian Catholic Register.

       The book is loaded with endorsements:

    “In grammar school, when I learned that Esau had sold his birthright for
    a mess of pottage, I thought he was very silly. How could an intelligent 
   person give up a precious gift for a passing gratification? Dorothy Pilarski’s
   book is a must read for women who have become ‘female Esaus.’ Satan’s
   greatest victory since original sin is to have convinced women that their 
  ‘knighthood’ is a prison. This book offers a precious counter poison. Tolle, lege.”  

  Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, Catholic philosopher, 
  theologian and author 

    “This is an excellent source of home-spun wisdom for mothers, 
    their daughters and all women of faith. Dorothy has a great style that 
    is folksy but at the same time she delivers solid truth with passion and humour.”    
             Sister Ann Shields of Renewal Ministries,

    Honest, personal, inspiring and timely. A delightful book,  
      with much to say to all of us who care about truth, the Church 
      and the meaning of holiness.”  
            Michael Coren, author of Why Catholics are Right,

     “This is a passionate and compelling book. Dorothy has 
      lovingly woven together a collection of articles, letters, 
      quotes and prayers that are guaranteed to stir a Catholic mother’s heart.”
             EWTN personality Donna Cooper O'Boyle, 

   “This thought-provoking book is jam-packed with inspiration, 
    hope and practical tools that will comfort and inspire women of every age.” 
              Colleen Hammond author of Dressing with Dignity, 

   "This is a terrific compilation of writings about the triumphs
      and tragedies of being a mother in today's world. Dorothy
    .provides concrete suggestions and inspirational vignettes 
     that will encourage any woman in her mothering journey."
         Lisa Hendey, author of A Book of Saints, 
    "Dorothy Pilarski writes with profundity and wit about matters 
     practical and divine. Full of anecdotes and humour, this book 
     makes us take an honest look at the lives of women today and helps
     us to focus on what matters most."
                  Elena Maria Vidal, author of Trianon,

       "The author mines personal epiphanies to extract practical 
      nuggets of gold relevant to all Catholic mothers. They’ll want 
        to attach the essay ‘Raising Catholic Kids’ to the refrigerator door!"
               Josephine Nobisso, writing consultant and author of 40 books 
    "Dorothy Pilarski is a voice in the wilderness. 
      Full of courage, wit and grace, her candid book is 
       a sincere invitation to discover, or perhaps re-discover, 
       the rich universal treasures of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic faith."
    Sharon DiCecco host on HMWN-- 

   ALL give Motherhood Matters a thumbs up! 

       Recently Dorothy was recently interviewed by Teresa Tomeo 
       on Catholic Connection and Drew Mariani on Relevant Radio. 

      Callers just love talking to Dorothy!

      This ground breaking book has started a stir in 
      Catholic circles. Its purpose is to question the modern 
      cultural model of motherhood, to encourage women 
      who view motherhood  as a vocation, a call from God. 
      The book is jam packed with inspirational stories, 
      statistics, quotes, prayers  and letters to mothers. 

    The book calls readers world wide to commit to a Holy Hour 
    to reclaim the dignity of motherhood under the mantle of '
    Mary, the Mother of God. Loaded with practical advice,
    this is a book is a perfect evangelical tool for mothers.
    After you read all the endorsements, you will be called to
    read the book and give it to your friends. 

   To purchase the book in bulk contact  

   Read this thought provoking article found in 
   the Catholic News Agency 
   about motherhood as a a vocation, a call from God.

    More information about Dorothy can be found at

   Three thought provoking book reviews by
   Elena Maria Vidal
   Fatima Borges 
   Leticia Velasquez

   are having readers
   sit and the edge of their seats!

The  book launch luncheon was at Olio Restaurant in the Sheraton 
Hotel on November 6, 2011. Dorothy has been doing book signings 
and talks about her new book. She has visited several parishes including,
 Holy Angels parish, St. Justyn Martyr, St. Mary of the Visitation, 
the Archdiocese of Toronto, Bishop Morrocco/Thomas Merton School.

QUESTIONS should be directed to
INVITE Dorothy to speak at your next event. 
Click here for a list of talks:

“The apostles were dodos, dummies.
 But all the smart people in the world at 
the time wouldn’t take chances. That is the
 same problem we have today.
 The world is looking for intellectuals 
and the Lord is looking for dummies. 

That’s why I’m here.” 
--Mother Angelica

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